D3 Items with Instant Delivery
Welcome visiting! Here you can always enjoy D3 Items Instant Delivery in 15 mins! We will arrange delivery right after the order confirmation process is done.You never need to worry about frauds, cheats or get a banned account in here. Down below is our Diablo 3 Items delivery policy. These contents will simplify your purchase and avoid some troubles. Please read it carefully.
Once we receive your payment for your order, we would start to confirm your order and arrange delivery asap. We admit the confirmation process is quite annoying sometimes and we’re truly sorry for legal purpose. Sadly to say online scam is too much, what we do is just to protect your banking account being used for illegal purpose. We only use your personal information for order confirmation and would remove them all once the deal is done.
Confirmation: To make sure you’re the owner of your PayPal account or Credit Card through PayPal account, we would call (the number your left when you place an order, so please write the number you’re near of) you to confirm your order.
Delivery Method: Once verified, our delivery guy would arrange delivery right away. This may mean meeting your character ingame or mailing to you ingame due to different situations. If you’re not available for receiving the gold at the moment, we would make a rain check. Feel free on that.
Warm Whisper: Usually we can always make 10 mins instant delivery. But sometimes unexpected things do happen out of blue. There might sometimes a certain server is too hot which it might lead to we can’t make delivery on time. We feel sorry for that. But we promise we would keep an eye on order and arrange delivery once we got gold for you via phone calls or email. Which way is fine with you, just tell us, it’s your choice!
If you have any queries about our delivery process, please contact our live Chat. Have fun!

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