Return and refund policy

Return and Refund Policy
We always try our best to meet all your need but sad to say not all the business is satisfied by both parties all the time. There might be a time we fail to meet your needs. Maybe some are because of the products; some are because of the service. No matter what kind of problem, we are happy to offer help to you.
Differ from the real money, virtual currency is of course without any fake or defectiveness. Returned purchase isn’t accepted here, because it is impossible for you to get counterfeit gold. If you found yourself making a mistake after you place an order, for example, spelling wrong information, choosing a wrong server, or other mistakes, please contact our online Customer Service as soon as possible.

Refund Policy
Please read the following terms carefully before you place your order from here. It determines your rights and obligations with respect to your purchases. If you want to cancel a transaction, please contact our Live Chat and tell them the reason, we will refund you as soon as possible. And we will improve our service further according to the refund reason you told us. Please note that our FREE bonuses are not eligible for refund.
We divide our products into two kinds: Non-delivery and Partial-delivery products. We honor requests for the refund on the following reasons: Non-delivery order can get a full refund without doubt. While partial-delivery depends on the percentage of completion. Non-delivery customer can cancel orders at any time.
Partial-delivery customer can: 1. Cancel partly delivered orders. 2. Stop the delivery at any time. Please be patient, refund will be processed as soon as possible. Since our accountants aren’t working 24 hours a day, sometimes the refund time might take 30 minutes or a little longer. No matter what, we assure you can get refund within 24-48 hours.
Warm Reminder: Be careful enough when you are placing an order at the site, to ensure the right server, correct game faction, accurate character level and other details. Otherwise, it may be troublesome to both you and us.

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